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Myki For Teams

Offline Password Manager for your team.

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Myki Portal

Simple, Elegant, Intuitive

Myki seamlessly integrates with your day to day activities by automatically logging you in to your accounts on any device with the click of a button.

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Provision and Reset

Myki integrates with Microsoft Azure AD and Google for Work allowing you to import your users, password, and make changes within the Myki ecosystem.

Provision and Reset

Compliance and Peace of Mind

By managing your team through Myki, gain full visibility and control over company accounts identifying and addressing weak links, maximizing your team’s security score and minimizing the risk of data breaches


Data Breach Monitoring

Myki's data breach monitoring service alerts you whenever internal or customers' accounts have been compromised and drives you to take action.

breach monitoring illustration
breach monitoring illustration
offline storage

Security Dashboard

Remain aware of your clients' security status using our smart dashboard and improve your security score by keeping passwords unique and complex.

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Groups and Folders

Keep your clients passwords organized in user groups and item folders. On-board and off-board new users with a click. Invite collaborators easily and provide limited access.

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no master password

2FA Sharing

Share 2FA with users and groups of users to enable collaboration without degrading security. Myki will auto-fill 2FA tokens in the browser which reduces user frustration.

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Zero Knowledge.
Zero Trust.

Myki's unique architecture ensures that your data is securely stored locally and synced across devices within your company.


Group Management

Manage your team more easily. Provision accounts and set access restrictions to multiple members at once

Myki Portal Groups Myki Portal Groups Myki Portal Groups

Account Sharing

Allow colleagues access to an account without compromising sensitive information. Keep control of your accounts and remotely revoke access anytime you choose.

Revoke User Access

Manage access to any team member's accounts with a simple click of a button.

Location-Based Access Control

Administrators can set location-based rules on any account managed by your company. Draw the rule on the map to geographically restrict where your team members access their accounts from.

Time-Based Access Control

Set both the time bracket and the days of the week during which team members are allowed access to company owned accounts.

IP-Based Access Control

Add an extra layer of security by restricting access to a certain set of IP-Addresses.

Security, Privacy and Compliance

Myki is a decentralized solution that is designed to keep your sensitive data stored away from the cloud. Only you hold and control your data. Built-in Multi-Factor authentication is at the core of the product which provides a strong layer of protection for your business that can only be offered by an offline solution.

Myki helps you with regulatory challenges and ensures compliance for your next audit including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIJS, FFIECC, SOC, SOX, GLBA, SOX and GDPR.

GDPR Ready
GDPR Ready