Law Enforcement Notice

About MYKI

MYKI, Inc. is a software company based in NYC, USA that specializes in the development identity and access management software.

Requests for Information

Please address all inquiries electronically to MYKI by emailing our attorneys at

We will only respond to valid legal process issued in compliance with United States law. Non-public information about our company or users’ accounts will not be released to law enforcement except in response to a valid and specific legal proceeding that is supported by probable cause and delivered from an agency with proper jurisdiction over MYKI.

We do not respond to foreign authorities as they do not have jurisdiction over United States companies.

A Zero-Trust Architecture

The MYKI architecture is developed on the principles of "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default" as such we do not store master copies or backups of user passwords as this would require the user to trust MYKI, furthermore it would endanger user privacy should our systems be breached. The user passwords are stored on the users’ primary device with multiple backup options selected by the user with no visibility to MYKI or it’s providers.


MYKI stores the following information pertaining to its users, this list will be updated regularly to reflect development changes. (last review: 05/09/2019)

  • A hashed version of the phone number used when signing up to simplify restoring acces to a new device
  • The MYKI app version to support backwards compatibility between devices