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Deploy MYKI to your clients and help them step-up and manage their accounts.

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Benefits of Partnering with MYKI

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Onboard a partner that has your best interest at heart; we are built from the ground up to cater for MSPs’ needs.

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Business Growth

Grow your business with our discounted MSP pricing structure and recurring licensing model.

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Sales & Marketing Support

Get unlimited access to our sales and marketing resources with brandable marketing collaterals for you and your clients, as well as personalized training and onboarding sessions.

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Best-in-Class Support

Tap into our technicians’ expertise should you or your clients require any type of support.

Channel-Focused Features

  • Multi-Tenant
    Manage your MSP portal as well as your client portals from one centralized console.
  • Seamlesss Deployments
    Import and sync companies, users, groups, and passwords in bulk using our RMM and PSA Integrations.
  • Individual Portals for your Clients
    Provide your clients with their own portals to manage their sensitive data and get access to real-time security reports and dashboards.

Zero Knowledge.

MYKI's unique architecture ensures that your passwords is securely stored locally and synced across devices within your company.


Add a new source of recurring revenue

Our Partner program enables you to generate high margins while deploying at scale.

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Get a sneak peak inside our marketing collaterals.

Our partners benefit from our experience in onboarding customers via Guide Books, Onboarding Calls and Webinars. We do our best to help you successfully deploy to your customers with minimal friction.

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