Security starts from the inside.

Deploy MYKI internally to seamlessly manage access across your MSP.

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Some of the benefits of using MYKI

Multi-Layered Security

Manage and share passwords & 2FA, and get alerted when one of your accounts has been compromised all through one portal.


Seamlessly blend MYKI within your environment using our RMM, PSA, and Remote Desktop integrations.

Full Visibility

Gain insight into your users’ behavior and overall security score through real-time security dashboards and immutable audit logs.

Security Policies

Be in control of your users’ access permissions to enterprise accounts by using our geo-location, time-based, and IP address-based security policies.

Organizational Tools

Navigate effectively through your portal by reflecting your team’s structure within MYKI using user groups and item folders.


Compliance & Peace of Mind

Gain full visibility and control over company accounts identifying and addressing weak links, maximizing your team’s security score and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

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How is MYKI different

No Cloud Storage

No Master Password

2FA Sharing

Free Personal Vaults

Zero Knowledge.

MYKI's unique architecture ensures that your passwords is securely stored locally and synced across devices within your company.


When you should consider using MYKI for your team

  • You need to securely store, manage and share passwords and 2FA tokens with multiple users.
  • You need to control who has access to which accounts within your MSP.
  • You need to revoke access to a user with a click of a button after they leave the company.
  • You need to automate login process in remote desktop sessions.