Share 2FA with your team.

With Myki, your team can have access to the same 2FA tokens without comprimising the security of the network.

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Generate Codes

Generate 2FA codes for adding the secrets into your Myki vault.

Share 2FAs

Securely share 2FA codes with users or groups of users.

Autofill Codes

Activate Myki to autofill 2FA codes when logging in.

Remove the hassle of typing in 2FA codes

Myki doubles as a 2FA authenticator that can generate 2FA tokens and automatically fill them in on web pages as you authenticate.

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Stop worrying about who has access to the 2FA when logging in to a shared account

Myki can be used to share access to 2FAs among multiple users and devices, allowing users with the right access level to securely authenticate to shared accounts.

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Regain access to 2FA-enabled accounts when someone leaves your company

Revoke access to users who are leaving the company with the click of a button, without locking yourself out.

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Zero Knowledge.
Zero Trust.

Sharing 2FAs using Myki does not degrade the security of 2FA, as all of the data is shared P2P between users and stored locally on endpoints. No cloud storage, no master password.