It's time to talk about browser security

88% of data breaches happen in the browser. GUARD helps your organization browse quickly and securely


How it works


Install in a flash

GUARD is a browser extension that can be installed on your users' browsers remotely.

block threats

Block threats

GUARD proactively blocks threats as they arise and warns users when their actions can compromise their security.

report findings

Report findings

GUARDs provides stakeholders with full visibility into threats faced by their organizations.

Below are some of the modules of GUARD

Ad Blocking

Tracker Blocking

Popup Blocking

Phishing Blocking

URL Whitelisting

Download Controls

Extension Filter

Webcam Controls

Microphone Controls

Compromised Password Alerts

Compromised Website Alerts

Sensitive Information Input Alerts

And more...

Designed for Managed Service Providers


RMM & Intune Deployments

Deploy GUARD to your customers from within your RMM or deployment platform. We support all major RMMs out of the box.


Single Pane of Glass Reporting

Generate reports across managed organizations to gain better visibility into what your customers as a whole are facing.


Multi-Tenant Architecture

Manage billing and multiple organization deployments from within a single MSP portal.

MYKI Sales Deck

Want to know more? Download the GUARD Brief.

GUARD can be fully configured to match the needs of your organization. Read more about it in our product brief.

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