What is MYKI for MSPs?

MYKI for MSPs is an MSP-tailored password manager designed to cater for the specific needs of Managed Service Providers and their customers.

What is the difference between MYKI for Teams and MYKI for MSPs?

MYKI For MSPs follows a multi-tenant architecture which enables admins to purchase licenses in bulk, create child companies to deploy password management to customers and benefit from margin-generating MSP pricing. Additionally, MYKI For MSPs supports custom integrations with core products that MSPs use such as RMMs, PSAs and Documentation Platform.

What is the difference between MYKI for MSPs and other password managers for MSPs ?

MYKI is fundamentally different from traditional MSP password managers. Below are some of the differences:

  • MYKI enables you to keep your internal passwords and customer passwords stored offline which greatly reduces your exposure to data breaches and liability.
  • MYKI enables you to operate without the need for a master password as credentials are encrypted using a public/private RSA2048 key pair that is generated on the local admin device. No master password = no single point of failure = no password reset requests.
  • MYKI enables you to manage passwords as well as Two-Factor Authentication secrets (Sharing and Auto-Filling).
  • MYKI support advanced adaptive security policies based on location, time and IP based rules.
  • MYKI is an end-user first product meaning that MYKI is designed from the ground up with the goal of making the User Experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.
  • MYKI is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and all major browsers.
  • MYKI allows users to manage personal passwords as well as company passwords making it a lifestyle/productivity product which tremendously reduces the learning curve and customer support required.
  • MYKI was rated Best Password Manager from an end-user and feature standpoint by PCMag, The Apple App Store and Android Police.

MYKI for MSPs Use-Cases

What are the use-cases for MYKI for MSPs?

MYKI for MSPs is an augmented version of MYKI for Teams which adds specific features that cater for the needs of MSPs internally as well as their customers' when it comes to access management across their respective organizations.

If our goal is to only use MYKI internally, is there an advantage to using MYKI for MSPs over MYKI for Teams?

MYKI for MSPs has features that are specifically useful for MSPs. These include:

  • Ability to organize internal passwords by creating child companies under your MSP account
  • Ability to restrict admins' access to specific child companies
  • Advanced reporting and auditing tools
  • Discounted pricing structure
  • Custom Integrations With RMMs, PSAs and Documentation Platforms
  • Chat support


What is the pricing model for MYKI for MSPs?

MYKI for MSPs uses a bracketed pricing model which incentivizes MSPs to deploy MYKI on a large scale by generating healthy margins. MYKI can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Billing dynamically updates based on the number of licenses deployed. Typical margins range between 30% and 80%. To access our pricing sheet, reach out to or signup for a trial.

Data Storage

Where are customer backups stored?

Customer backups are stored on every client admin and/or MSP admin endpoint in an encrypted manner. This means that multiple company admins that own multiple endpoints (computer, smartphone, tablet) will each maintain a backup on every device diversifying your backup locations which considerably reduces the risk of data loss.

Where are internal MSP backups stored?

MYKI for MSPs stores an encrypted enterprise backup on every admin endpoint. This means that multiple MSP admins that own multiple endpoints (computer, smartphone, tablet) will each maintain a backup on every device diversifying your backup locations which considerably reduces the risk of data loss.

Privilege Levels and Governance

Can we assign techs to manage specific companies that under our MSP account?

Yes, you can assign dedicated admins to specific accounts under your MSP account. MYKI for MSPs allows you to create a hierarchy under your main MSP account and setup a strong governance model to have full visibility and control over internal and customers' credentials at any point in time.

Can we assign administrators that are part of our customers' staff to be admins in their company?

Yes, MYKI allows you to elevate the privilege of any user within a managed company to the admin role. Users in your MSP can also be assigned as admins on managed companies allowing them to service these companies.