Myki Browser Extension.

The Myki browser extension allows you to manage access to your passwords, credit cards, secure notes and other sensitive data from within your computer browser. To use the Myki browser features, click on the Myki owl displayed at the top right-hand side of your browser.

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Myki extension

While you browse

save passwords

Feature 1 Save the password of any account in your Myki app

When you sign to a website by manually inputting your username and password, the extension will prompt you to allow Myki to manage the account for you. Make sure the username is correct and hit the save button. You will then be able to login to this account using your fingerprint.

automatic login

Feature 2 Auto-Login to existing accounts

Myki will prompt you to auto-fill your passwords for you when it detects that you are trying to login to an account. Click on the desired account displayed in the drop-down menu and simply grant access from your Myki app.

auto-fill 2FA tokens

Feature 3 Auto-Fill Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Tokens

Myki can auto-fill your username, your password and even your Two-Factor Authentication token (2FA) when it detects that a website requires it. Myki will also display the 2FA code as a Chrome notification. In the unlikely case that you need to fill it in manually.

In the Prompt

Manage Credit Cards Secure Notes and Gov ID

Feature 1 Manage passwords, credit cards, secure notes and government IDs

By clicking on the Myki owl in the extension bar at the top right-hand side of your browser, you can access the Myki popup which offers a lot of features. To add an item, simply click on the '+' sign at the bottom right of extension and fill in the required information. To edit an item, hover over it and click on edit to make the necessary changes.

Copy Password To Clipboard

Feature 2 Copy an item to the clipboard

If you need to paste the password outside your browser window, you can copy the required data to the clipboard by hovering over the item and clicking on ‘edit item’. You can then click on 'Copy' button. To keep things extra secure, you will need to approve the request to copy the data from your smartphone.

Backup Passwords

Feature 3 Create a manual backup of your items

You can create a manual backup of your accounts by going to the profile section in the browser dropdown and selecting ‘backup accounts’. This will download an encrypted file to your Downloads folder with a '.myki' extension. Note that Myki creates continuous backups to your connected extensions by default.

Restore Passwords

Feature 4 Restore all your data to your smartphone

In case something happens to your smartphone, or if you simply change your smartphone, recovering your data or your new device is as simple as scanning a QR code.

Import Passwords

Feature 5 Import passwords from Google or other password managers

By clicking on the profile tab of the Myki browser extension, you can access the import accounts feature which allows you to import passwords saved on Google or any other password manager.