Why You Need a Password Management Tool

We recently released the Browser Security Guidebook to provide our users and customers with all the information and guidelines to be aware of in order to have a safe and clean in-browser experience. The below article is a snippet of the information available in the guidebook. If you find this blog post interesting and helpful and would like to read more, download the full guidebook here.

Passwords are the gatekeepers to all of our personal, sensitive, and important information. Just like your fingerprint, passwords should be extremely unique to you, and unguessable to hackers.

Unfortunately, hackers are extremely good at what they do, which means using the same password across multiple applications leaves you vulnerable to threats such as malicious ransomware.

Not everyone uses a strong enough password to ensure their data stays protected. But we’re here to tell you, there’s an easier way to do it. Introducing password management tools!

How password managers help users stay safe

Using a password manager ensures that users’ passwords are strong enough to protect them against malicious malware attacks by:

  • Having strong and unique passwords for every website
  • Not using compromised passwords that have already been leaked
  • Not autofilling passwords in websites that attempt to impersonate known websites

What to look for in a password manager

  • Multi-platform support
  • Support for strong password generation
  • Secure storage of the password vault
  • Support for managing 2FA
  • Support for password sharing
  • Support for security dashboards to easily spot weak, reused, and compromised passwords

What users can do to prevent password compromise

  • Use a password manager
  • Use multi-factor authentication on all your accounts. More on that here.
  • Make sure that you are using strong and unique passwords on all websites without exception
  • Always check the full URL of a website that is asking for your password before typing any characters
  • Stay vigilant
  • Never share passwords with other users if you can avoid it
  • If avoiding sharing passwords is impossible, use a secure method for password sharing such as a password manager

How to protect your organization from weak passwords?

  • Deploy an enterprise password manager that supports visualizing password strength of end-users business passwords
  • Work with your users to ensure that they are not using weak, reused and compromised passwords
  • Use a dark web monitoring service to monitor passwords for compromise

Learn more about how MYKI can help better protect you and your clients by signing up for a free trial of our password management tool. We want to make sure your data stays safe and secure.

Why You Need a Password Management Tool
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