Why I'm Joining MYKI | Chris Tate

I’m thrilled to have joined the amazing MYKI team as Global Strategic Alliances Director.

When I have spoken to people about this, their first question has always been…

This seems like a great question to ask right now, however before I answer, please let me take a step back to introduce myself and explain how I got here.

My name is Chris Tate and I’ve been in the IT industry for a long time; probably longer than some of you have been alive. So it’s fair to say I’ve seen some changes.

I started out as a programmer way back on Digital PDP-11 Mini-Computers (ask your grandparents) and then went on to have a career that has seen me operate as CTO for an MSP business, a Product Director at a larger MSP, and an MSP Consultant and Blogger at TotallyMSP.com. So all in all, I’ve had a lot of experience working with MSPs.

My last position was Business Development Director (EMEA) for Datto, and it was while working there that I really began to understand the reality of the dangers MSPs are facing in their efforts to keep their clients safe. Datto has an amazing proposition in this space, but they are not alone of course. There are many other vendors doing a great job in this area.

However, towards the end of 2019, I decided to take a break. I felt it was time to recharge the batteries a little and spend some time at home after years of travel (little did I know of course that we would all be forced to spend a lot of time at home in 2020).

After taking a few months off, I began to consider my options going forward. I had many discussions with MSP-focused vendors of all sizes, and then along came MYKI.

Full disclosure time: I already knew some of the MYKI team based in EMEA. I’ve always had a great relationship with Richard Daly from his time at RapidFire Tools, and he’s always been one of the friendliest and most approachable people on the circuit. I also used to work with Rob Jones at Datto. Rob is a great friend of mine too and is one of the funniest people you could ever wish to meet.

Anyway, I received a call from Richard asking if I’d be up for an informal chat. Of course I said yes, and he explained a little more to me about MYKI. It was very interesting, but I explained that I had a few other irons in the fire. Richard made a suggestion: he asked if I would have a chat with the CEO of MYKI, Antoine Vincent Jebara.

I did so, and boy did it throw a spanner in the works. Antoine shared the vision of the company and some of the upcoming roadmap with me. When the call ended, I immediately called Richard and said: “This has given me something to think about”.
Over the next few calls, we discussed where I could potentially help MYKI, especially around building relationships with other MSP-focused vendors.

I was sold. I firmly believe that MYKI can help MSPs with the very tricky issue of password management for themselves and their clients, and I’ve seen the other ways that MYKI will help even more down the line.

So that’s Why MYKI. That’s why I decided to join the team. I think MYKI are onto something big, and I want to be a part of it. More than that, I want you to be a part of it too. I will work tirelessly within the MSP community to build strategic relationships, and I will also act as the “voice of the MSP” within MYKI too, using all the experience I’ve gained over the years and understanding the pressures you all face.

I’m looking forward to seeing as many MYKI users as possible all around the world and can’t wait to share some of the exciting new developments with you.

Why I'm Joining MYKI | Chris Tate
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