Webinar Recap: Password & 2FA Management | Live Onboarding

As 2020 was coming to an end, we took some time, as a team, to reflect on the thousands of conversations we've had with Managed Service Providers in the past year, in order to adapt, improve, and grow.

In the cases of MSPs who hadn't converted to paying customers, we asked ourselves: why was that? Was the product not what they were looking for? Did they choose to go another route?

We concluded that the most common factor in these trials that never developed into more long-lasting relationships was time.

"I don't have the time to set up password and 2FA management at the moment" is what our team has heard time and time again. And with the roller coaster that 2020 has been, it was fully understandable.

That being said, we hate to see Managed Service Providers compromise on security. So for our first webinar of 2021, which we held on January 14th, we wanted to present a smooth-as-can-be onboarding process to show MSPs how easily they can go from no password & 2FA management to at least a basic setup in under 15 minutes.

In the session, we go over a step by step onboarding process showcasing how MSPs can import both their own and their clients' passwords, 2FA tokens, identities, and payment cards onto the MYKI platform using the available RMM & PSA integrations.

If you were able to join us, we’d like to thank you once again. If not, be sure to check out a recording of the webinar here or down below.

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If you're ready to tackle password & 2FA management, get started here.

Our team is always ready to help via the chat support available on the bottom right of your portal, and you can always tap into our Partner Knowledge Hub for videos, FAQs, and more.

Webinar Recap: Password & 2FA Management | Live Onboarding
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