Webinar Recap: Browser Security for Your Customers with GUARD

At the end of Q1 2021, we launched our second MSP product, GUARD by MYKI: a browser security extension that blocks threats in the browser while augmenting the user's ability to spot them.

The browser is after all home to many of the most common and most sophisticated online threats, like malicious ads, pop-ups, trackers, and malware, to name a few. The pandemic has only added fuel to the fire. With the shift to remote work and mass adoption of collaboration tools, we are now practically living in our browsers.

That being said, the real game-changer with GUARD lies in its laser-focus on MSPs. It is designed for at-scale deployments to allow MSPs to protect their client organizations from human error and user negligence in the browser, as well as the increasing threats they are being faced with.

On July 15th, 2021, 3 months after the release of the product, we hosted a webinar for MSPs focused on reselling browser security to their clients.

MYKI's Strategic Alliances Director, Chris Tate, kicked off the webinar by introducing the threat landscape and discussing the reselling opportunity at hand, followed by a deep dive into the product.

Beth Hanneken, MYKI's US Channel Manager, then gave a detailed demo, focusing on the Admin Portal and highlighting the various capabilities that GUARD equips MSPs with.


  • At scale client deployments with the click of a button
  • Modular aggregate and company-specific dashboards and reports
  • Modular policies that can be applied to different organizations
  • Customizable user roles to manage GUARD within the MSP and across client organizations

To see these features (and others) in action, access the full webinar replay here, or learn more about GUARD here.

We are always hard at work improving the product and ensuring that it caters to the needs of MSPs. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback you can always reach out to us at msp@myki.com

Webinar Recap: Browser Security for Your Customers with GUARD
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