The Threat of Password Reuse in MSPs

You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of using strong passwords to protect your online accounts, but that strength can easily be nullified through one all too common password mistake.

Memorizing one complex phrase can be difficult, but it’s possible, and makes for a particularly strong password. But when faced with the choice of memorizing a dozen different equally complex phrases for each account, or simply reusing the same one for all of them, many of us tend to choose the latter.

According to a Google survey, 52% of people reuse the same password for multiple accounts, and 13% reuse the same password for all their accounts.

The problem with reusing passwords is that it puts all the accounts that share it at risk, ultimately defeating the purpose of a strong password. Instead of gaining access to only one account, a hacker could potentially compromise multiple accounts, just by figuring out a single password.

This can have far worse implications for a business, like an MSP. If an employee reuses the same password they use across all their personal accounts for their work accounts as well, a hacker who compromises just one of their personal accounts could then have access to all their work accounts too.

From there, it wouldn't take much effort for them to gain access to all kinds of private company and client data. And all it would take is figuring out one password.

How to crack down on password reuse

It’s easy to request that all employees refrain from reusing passwords, but there’s no way to realistically monitor or enforce that. Unless, you use MYKI for MSPs.

Using its built-in password generator, members of your team can create unique and complex passwords (not phrases, but a string of random characters) for each of their accounts, which MYKI for MSPs can also autofill for them via its browser extension, eliminating the need to memorize each account’s unique password.

MYKI for MSPs also provides analytics, notifying admins of any weak or reused passwords in use within the MSP, as well as identifying the specific team member those accounts belong to.

With its Breach Monitor feature, MYKI for MSPs can even scan data breach databases and flag any accounts in your company that use previously compromised passwords.

And best of all, not only can your own business benefit from MYKI for MSPs, you can also choose to resell it to your clients as well.

Get started with MYKI for MSPs today and start owning your digital identity.

The Threat of Password Reuse in MSPs
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