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InterContinental Hotels Get Hacked | Myki Security Report

The Myki Security Report launched it's first episode last week on Tuesday May 9th and we are excited! To kickoff our weekly roundup of the latest Cyber Security and Hacking news, Episode One featured recent top stories including:

Netflix Blackmailed

Hackers that refer to themselves as The Dark Overlord have leaked 10 episodes of season 5 of one of Netflix's most-watched original series to a piracy website after Larson Studios and Netflix failed to pay the alleged ransom demand of 50 bitcoin (70,422 US dollars). The group did not reveal their attack method, but did tweet “Who is next on the list?”.

MasterCard Adds Fingerprint Reader

MasterCard is testing a bankcard with an embedded fingerprint reader, which means that now u can pay using your fingerprint instead of a 4 digit code. You will have to visit the bank branch to enroll your fingerprint although MasterCard is exploring ways to make remote registration possible. MasterCard plans on rolling out the bankcard at the end of 2017.

InterContinental Hotels Hacked

Hackers have stolen payment card data from over 1,150 intercontinental hotels. It's actually the second data breach that U.K.-based IHG, which owns Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, has disclosed this year. Malware that was accessing payment data from cards used at front desk systems was identified and it obtained data, such as cardholders' names, credit card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes. The company has been working closely with the payment card networks and cyber security experts to confirm that the malware has been removed.

What is Ransomware?

Did you know that a hacker can install a virus on your computer remotely and lock your files and ask you for money in return for their release? That's ransomware. So how do you protect yourself from Ransomware? Do not download shady softwares from shady websites at shady hours.

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InterContinental Hotels Get Hacked | Myki Security Report
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