The Community that Built Myki for MSPs

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

–Pam Moore, CEO of Marketing Nutz

When Myki was founded in 2015, our core mission was to help individuals and enterprises regain control of their digital identity by storing sensitive information offline, away from cloud servers and hackers.

While most password managers at the time were either cloud-based or offline, we truly wanted to marry the best of both models and develop the first hybrid model, combining the convenience of cloud-based solutions with the security of offline ones.

The first product we developed was our Myki App for individuals, followed by Myki for Teams, our solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

In an effort to ensure that we were accurately capturing customer needs and adequately addressing requirements, we had started spending more and more time on Reddit.

Enter the subreddit r/msp, managed by u/k_rock923, u/Coriron, and u/OIT_Ray.

This MSP-centric subreddit provided us with a 360 degree view of what managed service providers required, their thought process for evaluating solutions, and how they envisioned their growth.

While relatively nascent, password management seemed to be a recurring topic that generated more and more interest as data breaches and cyber attacks were on the rise. Both MSPs and end users were becoming increasingly concerned about securing their professional and personal digital identities.

Building on that, we started evaluating the MSP market, constantly feeding off discussions from the r/msp subreddit, evolving our understanding of managed service providers, their vendors, and end users.

By combining our knowledge of password management with MSPs’ knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, we were able to develop a tailor-made solution specifically designed to address MSP pain points and equip them with a relevant and effective password management tool: Myki for MSPs.

Myki for MSPs is an MSP-centric password manager designed, from the ground up, to cater to the needs of managed service providers and their clients. MSPs can use Myki to manage their own internal passwords, or resell it to clients in a managed or unmanaged manner.

As discussions on the subreddit evolved, so did our product. We began to understand what the game-breakers and deal-shapers were when it came to password management, and adapted our product accordingly.

The r/msp subreddit remains our main source for feedback, new feature requests, and even insights into competing products.

The introduction of Myki for MSPs has ultimately lead us to shift our whole strategy as a company and invest in the MSP community, who to this day remain our best critics, advocates, and partners.

We are committed to working hand in hand with managed service providers to ensure that they are always well-equipped to protect not only themselves, but their clients as well.

The Community that Built Myki for MSPs
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