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The cloud is not the solution to everything

The promise of the cloud in the early 2000's made everyone excited about the idea of never having to store any information locally.

The cloud would solve the sharing problem and drive us into the connected age where everything is easily accessible and secure.

The cloud solved many of the problems related to sharing and convenience but also introduced a huge problem that was anticipated but not mitigated in any way.


Not everything is meant to be stored in the cloud. Passwords for example are now stored in the cloud by most if not all identity managers, single-sign on platforms and password managers.

This habit creates a single point of failure which leads to catastrophic consequences in case of a breach which we are seeing more and more often.

Guidelines clearly state that the more decentralised the access to sensitive information, the safer it becomes.

Sensitive information should not always be stored in the cloud.

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The cloud is not the solution to everything
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