Taking the Hassle Out of 2FA for MSPs

For MSPs and IT professionals, two-factor authentication is no longer a matter of choice.

With Microsoft enforcing mandatory 2FA for its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, and ConnectWise announcing that ConnectWise Control now enforces 2FA by default as of October 1, equipping your MSP with 2FA has become an absolute must.

But 2FA has been notoriously difficult for MSPs to efficiently implement, due to a lack of 2FA solutions built specifically for MSP and enterprise use.

Unfortunately, this has forced many of them to juggle between multiple 2FA tools; a tedious process that ends up being more of a hindrance than an advantage.

To successfully adopt 2FA without sacrificing productivity, MSPs need a dedicated all-in-one solution capable of meeting their specific enterprise-level needs.

That’s where Myki comes in.


Aside from managing passwords and sensitive data, Myki can also be used to manage 2FA, allowing you to:

  • Set up 2FA for any stored accounts
  • Share access to 2FA tokens between users
  • Back up 2FA secrets for easy recovery
  • Add an extra layer of security with time-based, location-based, and IP address-based security policies for 2FA-enabled accounts

And the benefits of using Myki to manage your 2FA extend far beyond meeting compliancy requirements.

Simplify collaboration: 2FA tokens can be quickly and easily shared among multiple team members.

Streamline day-to-day operations: let Myki auto-fill your username, password, and 2FA token to save time and keep work flowing.

Improve overall security: 2FA tokens, passwords, and anything else you add to Myki is securely stored on your own devices, offline and away from the cloud.

Don’t get left behind. Sign up for Myki today to experience hassle-free 2FA and keep your MSP up to industry standards.

Taking the Hassle Out of 2FA for MSPs
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