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Supersonic Myki: 5 Times Faster

Security has always been our number one concern here at Myki. But sometimes, security comes at the cost of convenience.

Myki is like a digital keychain; it holds all the keys to all your online accounts. Simply pull it out of your pocket to access any account at any time.

But let’s face it: having to pull out your phone, grant access, and then wait a couple seconds for your credentials to be auto-filled and entered, every single time you want to log into one of your accounts, it can make you wonder whether the security’s even worth all this trouble.

Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to just manually input an easy-to-remember password and skip the frustration altogether?

Well guess what: from now on, when you use Myki, security and convenience are not mutually exclusive.


Our crazy-fast-typing engineers have figured out a way to reduce the login time from an average of 5 seconds to a whopping 1 second!

The whole mechanism has been revamped, and has not only massively increased the speed at which you can login with Myki, but has also fixed some reliability issues we've had.

In the words of Android Police’s Rita El Khoury: "Using Myki on your computer sometimes feels like magic”; now more than ever!

So go ahead, download Myki, and experience the magic for yourself.

Supersonic Myki: 5 Times Faster
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