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Storing IDs, Now Available for Android

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have your passport, government ID, or any other form of identification you regularly refer to within arm’s reach at all times?

Well guess what: there’s no need to overstuff your wallet with dozens of plastic cards, because in addition to storing your passwords, Myki can also store all your various IDs.

iOS users have had this feature for quite some time, but now it’s finally arriving to Android!

To add an ID, navigate to the "ID Cards" section in the top menu, and tap the "+" icon.

When adding an ID, you’ll be given the options to take a photo of the physical ID, assign it a name (ex: Swiss passport), select a type (ex: passport, driver’s license, government ID, etc.), input its details (number, name, issuance date, expiration date, country), and add any additional information you’d like to store along with the ID.

So next time you’re booking a flight, don’t bother getting up to dig out that passport just to fill out a couple fields. Instead, open up Myki, and find all the necessary details you need right there in the palm of your hand.

This feature is currently being rolled out to all Android users, so get those IDs ready, and download the Myki app if you still haven't!

Storing IDs, Now Available for Android
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