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This week on the Myki Security Report:

  • Sony PlayStation Social Media Hacked
  • Over $470,000 in Ethereum Stolen

Sony PlayStation Social Media Hacked

A Saudi Arabian group of hackers called 'OurMine' have breached PlayStation Network, stolen its database, and gained control of their social media accounts.

This is the same group that a few weeks ago, hacked into the accounts of HBO and Game Of Thrones, and before that have hacked into Marc Zuckerberg's social media accounts.

'OurMine' claim to be part of a "white hat" security firm, meaning they are ethical hackers that hack into companies to ensure the security of their IT systems. The group does not seem to go beyond just demonstrating its ability to take over the account. They tweet things like: "We are just testing your security, please contact us to upgrade it."

'OurMine' offers companies security against cyber attacks, charging up to $5,000 to scan for security vulnerabilities.

Over $470,000 in Ethereum Stolen So Far

A hacker has stolen more than $471,000 worth of Ethereum after hacking the cryptocurrency investment platform, called Enigma.

Ethereum is a digital currency much like bitcoin. It is an open source public blockchain based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality.

The hacker also tricked victims into sending their cryptocurrencies to the hacker's address.
The hack comes a few days after Enigma posted an article, educating users on how to avoid scams (Ironic).

This incident marks as the fifth Ethereum hack within two months, following a theft of more than 48 Million dollars worth!

At the moment, it is unclear how the attackers broke into the network, the website, slack account, and the email newsletter accounts.

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Sony PlayStation Hacked | Myki Security Report
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