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This week in Cyber Security and Hacking news:

  • Smart Locks are Locking People Out of Their Homes
  • Hackers are Spying on Hotel Guests Through Hotel Wifi

Smart Locks are Locking People Out of Their Homes

Last week, hundreds of smart locks stopped working.

Users of the Colorado-based company LockState took to social media to complain that their $469 RemoteLock 6i started to fail.

LockState is a partner with Airbnb, allowing hosts' to give guests access without having to share physical keys.

The error occurred because an update was actually intended for 7i model smart locks, was instead sent to the 6i product, which caused a "fatal error”.

What's worse? The smart locks are now unable to reconnect to the company's servers, making a remote fix "impossible.”

Affected consumers, are left OUTSIDE with just two options:
They can either remove the back flap of the lock and send it to be manually updated, or ask for a replacement lock. The problem is that both of these solutions require 1-2 weeks.

The company assured its affected customers that it will cover all shipping costs and provide one year of free service.

Hackers are Spying on Hotel Guests Thru Hotel Wifi

A cyber-espionage group has been found using a leaked NSA hacking tool that target Wi-Fi networks to spy on hotel guests in several European countries.

Security researchers at FireEye have uncovered a campaign that remotely steals credentials from high-value guests.

Here's How the Attack is Carried Out:

The attacks begin with a phishing email being sent to one of the hotel's employees, this email will contain a malicious document named "Hotel_Reservation_Form.doc" for example, which deploy the malware. Once installed on the network, it spreads and starts to steal credentials. Researchers believe that the group could also directly target "hotel guests of interest” —such as business and government personnel on their business trips.

The easiest way to protect yourself is to avoid connecting to hotel Wi-Fi or any other public or untrusted networks, instead, use your mobile device hotspot to get access to the Internet.

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Smart Locks Locking People Out | Myki Security Report
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