Small Businesses Working Remotely are at Risk

While companies of all industries and sizes have been forced to work remotely due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have become particularly vulnerable targets.

According to a recent survey by Cyber Readiness Institute, half of the 412 small business owners interviewed are concerned that remote working will lead to more cyberattacks. Yet, nearly 40% feel that economic uncertainty will prevent them from making necessary cybersecurity investments.

The survey also showed that companies with fewer than 20 employees were distinctly unprepared for remote working, as only 22% provided additional cybersecurity training prior to enabling remote working and just 33% provided “any cybersecurity training.”

Additionally, the survey found that only 40% of small businesses have implemented a remote work policy focused on cybersecurity as a result of coronavirus (only 25% of those with less than 20 employees), and that 59% of small business owners said that some employees would be using personal devices when working from home, among other concerning findings.

In times like these, good cyber hygiene practices like using strong passwords can go a long way towards preventing cyber attacks.

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Small Businesses Working Remotely are at Risk
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