Security is the Top Selling Point for MSPs

A new report highlights how security has become a top reason for selecting a managed service provider in a COVID-19 world.

NTT’s recently published 2020 Global Managed Services Report has presented some very interesting findings on the challenges and opportunities currently felt by business and IT leaders.

For the report, 1,250 retail, manufacturing, IT, and business leaders from 29 countries across the US, Europe, UK, MEA, APAC and Australia were interviewed.

65% of them cited reducing security risks as a top driver for managed service provider consideration, which was also cited as the top challenge for IT teams and the most common challenge service providers can help global organizations with.

According to the report, 44% of organizations do not have adequate resources or skills in-house to cope with the number of security threats they face. Those threats have no doubt increased in recent months ever since most of the world’s employees were forced to start working remotely, making them easier targets for emboldened cybercriminals.

The report also looked to the future, revealing that 62% of organizations expect an increased need for cybersecurity/ IT support skills over the next two years.

The report predicts that over the next 18 months, organizations globally will outsource more of their security requirements to managed service providers, calling on their expertise to fill any internal gaps and resources as needs increase.

53% of the organizations interviewed for the report currently outsource their security needs to managed service providers, but that is expected to rise to 64% in the next 18 months.

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Security is the Top Selling Point for MSPs
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