Security is a Crucial Growth Factor for MSPs During the Pandemic

A new study by SolarWinds reveals how MSPs have been navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic so far and highlights the key role security has been playing for them.

For this study, 500 MSPs across Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand were surveyed, and despite everything going on, it looks like the MSP sector overall has managed to soldier on.

59% of surveyed MSPs reported that they applied for government financial relief programs, with 74% of them receiving the help they needed.

Although mass layoffs have been an unfortunate side effect of the pandemic, that hasn't been the case for most MSPs, with over 80% of respondents continuing to operate at their pre-pandemic staffing levels.

The study also revealed that security services are in high demand, with the majority of MSPs declaring that they have adapted their security services for work-from-home clients. 59% of managed-services-centric businesses have been offering more security bundles than any other business model.

This is definitely good news for companies who've had to start working remotely and exposing themselves to some unforeseen digital risks, but also good news for MSPs who've managed to save the day by arming them with these security services and keeping their own businesses afloat in the process.

Among other findings, the study also looked into what MSPs predict the next 12 months in the market will look like. Not surprisingly, security is seen as a crucial growth factor for MSPs, with 51% of them set to increase their security services.

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Security is a Crucial Growth Factor for MSPs During the Pandemic
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