Product Updates: Q1 2021

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the MYKI suite of products the best version of itself it can be, and respond to the feedback we get from our users, we're always hard at work introducing new features and updates.

Over the course of the past quarter, we have been focused on introducing new layers of flexibility and functionality to improve the experience for MSPs.

As we’ve been working towards an exciting, game-changing feature for MSPs, as well as a major redesign of our browser extension, we’ve also been squashing bugs left and right.

MAJOR FEATURE - New Permission Layer: Adding Items to Enterprise Folders

One of the most highly-requested features that we’ve been asked for since launching MYKI is to introduce an additional permission layer between non-admin users and admins.

As an MSP admin, have you ever been flooded with requests to add enterprise passwords to folders, edit them, and everything in between? This feature aims to make the lives of MSP admins easier by giving non-admin users more flexibility and allowing them to contribute to building the enterprise portal.

With this new feature, non-admin users can now add items to company folders, allowing other users with permission to access those folders to access those shared items from their mobile apps, desktop apps, and browser extensions.

Historically, for a non-admin user to add a password to a company folder, they had to manually request it from the admin, who in turn had to log in to the enterprise portal and manually add it to an item folder. Non-admin users were limited to adding items to the company profile.

On top of that, adding a password to a folder meant that all users with access to that folder would be able to access to that new password, which might not be desirable.

We’ve therefore designed this feature by differentiating between folders with ‘show password’ permissions and those with ‘hide password’ permissions. Non-admin users can only add company passwords from their vaults into assigned item folders with ‘show password’ permissions.

Additionally, users can now edit enterprise passwords that have ‘show’ permissions on directly from their apps and extensions.

By introducing this functionality, we allow trusted users to take part in building our enterprise vault and eliminate the over-reliance on admins, even though they are still informed of all changes being made.

MAJOR REDESIGN - Browser Extension 2.0

MYKI’s browser extension is at the core of all of our users’ experience. Over the course of the past couple of years, we’ve been studying how users behave within the extension and how they interact with it, ultimately feeding our findings into this redesign. Here are the four major updates:

1. Wider Interface

The wider interface allows for more comfortable access to your data through a side-by-side view of items and their content, eliminating the extra step of clicking on an item to view its content.

2. Keyboard Navigation

You can now navigate the browser extension with your keyboard and use it to search for and access items, copy passwords, and switch profiles. The goal is to seamlessly integrate access to the browser extension.

3. Seamless Password Add

We’ve made it easier for you to save new accounts and passwords to your vault by prompting you to save them directly from the credentials field.

4. Profile search

As MSPs onboard more and more companies, it becomes increasingly more difficult and tedious to manually scroll through profiles to find the desired one. We’ve therefore added the ability for MSPs to filter profiles by name, making locating a specific profile a much easier process.

Product Enhancements / Bug Fixes

In addition to new features and cosmetic enhancements being introduced, we've also been hard at work to further improve the reliability and speed of our different platforms. Specifically:

Desktop App

We released a fix for Windows Hello and Mac Keychain authentication that was causing black screen issues.

iOS Mobile App

We addressed bug fixes pertaining to the 2FA flow, the auto-fill, as well as company profiles so that archived profiles won’t return.

Server Updates

  • We removed redundant authentication requests, removing unnecessary syncs of assigned items being triggered to company users, improving the overall speed of the enterprise portal
  • Deleting folders and groups is now faster than ever as we’re now checking the affected users only once
  • We fixed an issue that was causing SMS texts not to be received by users when signing up

Browser Extension

Improved, more universal auto-fill capabilities.

Product Updates: Q1 2021
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