Portal UX Improvements (Part 2): Quick Add & Bulk Actions

We're finally rolling out the second phase of our UX improvements to the Enterprise and MSP Portals.

In the first phase, we introduced the Quick Share feature, designed to simplify the process of sharing access to accounts with users and groups.

Today, we're expanding on what we started, by making the process of adding items to the Portal quicker and easier, and by simplifying bulk actions.

Quick Add

With the new Quick Add button, you’ll be able to perform various actions from anywhere in the Portal, without first having to navigate to a specific section.

Previously, new passwords could only be added from the Vault section, Security Policies could only be created from the Security Policies section, and so on.

Now, the Quick Add button allows you to add a password, create an item folder, import users, and much more, from anywhere in the Portal.


Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions were first introduced earlier this year to make it possible to share or delete multiple items in one go, without having to repeat the process for each one.

We’ve optimized Bulk Actions, moving them from a menu that pops up from the bottom of the Portal, to a section directly above all the items you may wish to share or delete in bulk.

Bulk Actions can be activated either by selecting "Enable bulk actions" from the "More Actions" dropdown menu, or by simply hovering over the image of an item.


The Myki Portal just keeps getting more efficient and easier to use, so keep an eye out for more improvements and updates.

And in case you haven't started using Myki for MSPs yet, go ahead and sign up today.

Portal UX Improvements (Part 2): Quick Add & Bulk Actions
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