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Polishing Up the Web Portal

Ah yes, portals. When they're not transporting mad scientists and their grandsons to alternate dimensions, they’re transporting you and your team to a world of maximum productivity.

The Myki Web Portal is all about conveniently, and securely, managing a company's passwords and sensitive data. With that in mind, we've redesigned a few of the Portal’s pages to make adding and accessing your company data easier.

First of all, we've completely recreated the onboarding experience, giving you the ability to populate your portal even before you start using it.


You can now import items, invite users, and even create groups and item folders, all of which will be nicely setup for you once you access the portal. Sort of like moving into a furnished apartment, except the furniture is all your company’s most essential data.

We’ve also added the ability to "Preview" things. Gone are the days of having to endure annoying pop-up windows each time you select an item or user.


From now on, clicking the new “Preview” button beside an item or user will make a nifty little card slide in from the right side of the screen, displaying that item or user's details. Convenient, isn’t it?

And finally, the process of assigning items to users has been dipped in butter, making it much smoother, and requiring less user actions.


Learn more about Myki for Teams here and stay tuned for future updates!

Polishing Up the Web Portal
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