One Year At MYKI | Chris Tate

What a year…

Well, that flew by, and in fact, I missed it, so I’m a little late with this blog. April 14th, 2021 marked my first anniversary at MYKI.

I wrote a blog post back in April last year that I’m sure you remember well, but if you need a reminder, check it out here.

It’s been a very eventful year in more ways than one. The main thing was the COVID-19 Pandemic of course, which totally changed my plans for the first year at MYKI. I had envisioned joining and getting straight onto the events circuit, which you know I love so much. These were all wiped off the calendar and totally changed the way we were engaged with MSPs all around the world.

Over the 12 months, there has also been an increased awareness of the risks associated with poor password management. We are always seeing news about data dumps containing millions of passwords and this has meant lots more MSPs adding password and identity management to both their own internal arsenal as well as the security portfolio they resell to their clients.

So, what did we actually achieve in the last 12 months? I think more than we expected. Being able to focus on tasks rather than being on the road maybe helped us quite a bit.

We made some really big changes to the MYKI Password Manager, launched the Partner Knowledge Hub to offer our partners more information on MYKI and resources to help them resell it to their clients. We also signed three distribution agreements to better serve our partners in the Nordic countries, France, and Australia & New Zealand.

But perhaps the single biggest achievement was the launch of our second product: GUARD.

GUARD is designed from the ground up to help MSPs protect their clients.  This is done via a dedicated, centrally-managed browser plug-in that helps keep users safe.

We have been overwhelmed by the response so far from the initial trialing partners and are excited to see end users being deployed to the platform all the time. If you’d like to learn more about GUARD, you can do that here.

So, what will the next 12 months look like?  Firstly, we are planning on attending some events in both North America and Europe in the third and fourth quarters of the year. It will be great to see people in person again and to understand the current pain points MSPs are facing.

We are also working very hard on new features for the MYKI Password Manager and GUARD is adding new features at a rapid rate.

Better equipping MSPs to resell MYKI to their clients is important to us, so we are also working on more programs to help our partners do just that and generate new revenue.

Finally, we are expanding our team. We can’t do this on our own and are looking to hire in most positions. Check out the list here.

It’s going to be an exciting 12 months for sure, but I hope it will be remembered more for us getting back to some kind of normality rather than for COVID again.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you before my two-year anniversary blog post, which I will aim to deliver on time next year.

One Year At MYKI | Chris Tate
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