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On the Ground at IT Nation Connect 2019

Last week, the Myki team returned to Florida once again, this time to attend ConnectWise’s annual IT Nation Connect conference.

More than 3000 MSPs and IT professionals from the US and around the world came down to the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida for the event, which took place between October 30 and November 1.

Myki was among the conference’s Silver Exhibitors, alongside leading MSP vendors such as Datto, ID Agent, and Malwarebytes, to name a few.


Attendees who passed by our booth and demoed Myki expressed a lot of interest in its robust 2FA features, as well as adding it to their security stack, as an offered service.

In addition to being useful to MSPs internally, Myki can also be resold to customers, and we expect the demand for such a service to only grow as businesses become more aware of the cybersecurity threats they are up against.

Those who passed by our booth also got to grab one of our fan favorite Myki t-shirts, as well as enter a draw to win a super cool Stranger Things Edition OneStep 2 Polaroid camera, which was claimed by one lucky Mr. Steve Hurley from Endeavor Communications. Happy snapping Steve!

Since the event coincided with Halloween, we also encountered a handful of quirky and colorful characters.


And last but not least, this event was also the perfect opportunity for us to unveil a very unusual marketing concept we'd been toying with for a while. Keep an eye out for a blog post next week for all the details!

That’s all for IT Nation Connect 2019. Catch us on the ground at an event near you soon!

On the Ground at IT Nation Connect 2019
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