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On the Ground at GlueX 2019

Earlier this week, the Myki team flew out to Phoenix, Arizona to exhibit at GlueX 2019, which ran from September 15 to 17.

Around 500 attendees were present for this third edition IT Glue’s annual MSP conference, which Myki was also a Silver Sponsor of. Other sponsors and exhibitors included notable MSP vendors such as Datto, Barracuda MSP, Kaseya, and more.


Cybersecurity was a major theme of the conference. In his opening talk, IT Glue’s general manager and CTO Nadir Merchant stressed on the growing need for MSPs to offer cybersecurity solutions to their clients.

“When you tell SMBs that we’re going to fully protect your cybersecurity, we’re going to take care of you top to bottom because this is a huge problem, and lay out all the risks to their business. I think that’s an easy conversation for people to have and I think they do get it,” he told a crowd of MSPs and MSP vendors.

“If they don’t get it now, they’re going to get it soon, because it’s in the news every day, we see it all the time. If that doesn’t wake them up, I don’t know if anything will”.


Over the course of 3 days, MSPs from the US and Europe seeking the best offerings to include in their stack were treated to demos of Myki at our booth.

Attendees also got the chance to grab some Myki socks, stickers, t-shirts, and a brand new guidebook which details the various ways MSPs can use and deploy Myki, depending on their specific business needs.

One lucky attendee however took home a lot more than just a pair of socks. For our first ever raffle, we had a $100 Amazon gift card up for grabs. And the winner was... Mary Schmidt of InTech Solutions. Congrats Mary!


Ultimately, the true winner at GlueX 2019 was the MSP community, who all agree: talking to clients about Password Management and Identity Hygiene is more important now than ever.

Fortunately for them, Myki is well-equipped to be the ideal solution to meet all those needs and more.

On the Ground at GlueX 2019
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