Obligation & Opportunity: How Security Can Boost MSP Business

For MSPs, providing clients with security is no longer an option, it’s a duty. But it can also be a chance to shine and stand out from the competition.

Security: an obligation

It’s no secret that the importance of cybersecurity has become more and more apparent with each passing year.

As major data breaches have made headlines around the world, businesses of all industries and sizes have grown increasingly more aware of the risks they are facing. In turn, governments have reacted by enforcing compliance regulations which businesses are now required to meet.

Even MSPs themselves have become frequent targets for cyber attacks, due to the fact that they have access to the networks and data of several businesses. Rather than going after individual businesses, a cyber criminal could just go after one MSP and hit the jackpot.

For these reasons, security should be more than just an optional service offered upon request. It should be a top priority for both your own organization and your customers.

Security: an opportunity

Protecting yourself and your clients doesn’t have to be a daunting task, in fact, it can even unlock some strategic business opportunities,

Consider this as an opportunity to emphasize your own security and trustworthiness. By strengthening security within your own organization and highlighting that to prospective clients, you can reassure them that their data will be safe in your hands.

Offering security as a service can also be a new source revenue. As mentioned earlier, businesses are now acutely aware of the importance of security and are actively seeking out solutions and services. There is a demand to be met, and that cannot be ignored.

Finally, investing in security now is a good way to earn yourself a reputation as an MSP that’s ahead of the curve. As data breaches continue to be a source of concern for businesses, more and more MSPs will be doubling down on security and promoting their security offerings. Get in the game early to stand out from the crowd.

MYKI for MSPs is the easiest way to seize all these opportunities and ensure the protection of both your own MSP and your clients as well. Using MYKI internally, MSPs can securely manage and share passwords and 2FA, enforce security policies, and gain insight into user behavior.

MSPs can also extend this service to their clients, either by reselling MYKI to them to use independently, or by deploying it to them and offering continuous support through it, creating a new recurring source of revenue.

Sign up for MYKI for MSPs today and start taking control of your digital identity.


Obligation & Opportunity: How Security Can Boost MSP Business
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