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New iphone Hidden Security Features | Myki Security Report

The new iphones make headlines on Episode 17 of the Myki Security Report:

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The New iPhone Has Hidden Security Features That Cops Will Hate!

The new iPhones are out! Apple has just announced the iphone8, iphone8 plus, and the iphoneX with many new and exciting features like wireless charging, the Animojis, and of course, Face ID.

However, two new features will have law enforcement saying %^$^&@. These two new features in the operating system will make it more difficult for police to access data on seized devices.

Apple's upcoming iOS 11 has a feature that lets you quickly disable the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Hitting the sleep/wake button five times in quick succession will disable Touch ID, requiring the use of a passcode to unlock the phone instead. This could come in handy if, a person knew that their phone was about to be confiscated.

People on twitter have dubbed it the "cop button”.

In the U.S., police can force people to unlock their phones with fingerprints but not with passcode.

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The second security revelation is a tad more subtle, but equally intriguing: Connecting an iPhone to a computer is about to get more secure. Today when an unlocked iPhone is connected to a computer, it asks the user if they trust the device. If they do, the computer can then access the contents of the iPhone. In the upcoming update it requires supplying a passcode in addition to confirming the 'Trust this computer?' prompt.”

Why does this matter? Well, if your smartphone has been seized by police (or stolen by a thief) while unlocked, the person in possession of the phone could previously download all of the contents to a computer. With iOS 11, however, the iPhone will require a re-entering of the passcode.

Basically, these 2 features just made it harder for cops to lift all the data off your phone in one quick motion. Good news is, Even if you don’t have the newest iphones these features will be available when you update to iOS 11, so make sure you update!

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New iphone Hidden Security Features | Myki Security Report
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