New Feature: Export Branded PDF Reports from GUARD by MYKI

Our goal with GUARD is to offer our MSP partners full visibility and control over what is happening inside the web browsers of their teams and customers.

The analytics section of our web portal is a great source of actionable information that partners can use to engage in security-centric conversations with their customers, with the objective of improving the security postures of their businesses.

Ever since we first announced the product, one of the most frequently-requested features has been the ability to export the GUARD analytics dashboards as PDF reports, which would allow our partners to more easily share important information generated by GUARD with their customers.

Well today we’re pleased to announce that we're finally releasing that feature, and not only that, we’ve even gone a step further.

In addition to exporting PDF reports, MSPs will also be able to upload their logos and custom-brand them, because at the end of the day, although we're the ones who provide the solution, it's our MSP partners who provide the service; they deserve all the credit.

Below is a short video demonstrating how an MSP can add their logo and create a branded report.

If you'd like to add your logo to all your PDF reports, all you need to do is head to your GUARD portal, navigate to the Admin area, upload your logo, and you're all set!

If you're not using GUARD yet and would like to give it a go, sign up here.

New Feature: Export Branded PDF Reports from GUARD by MYKI
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