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myki says goodbye to the password!

San Francisco - September 13, 2016

myki is the first MENA region startup to make it to the coveted TechCrunch Startup Battlefield stage in the heart of San Francisco!

myki has launched a mobile application that logs users within companies into all accounts without usernames and passwords. Yes. without usernames and passwords!

myki also allows the team administrator full visibility on when and where team members access their online accounts. The myki portal allows the administrator to set custom location, time, and IP-based rules. It requires no integration, and is the only service out there that does not store your sensitive information in the cloud!

myki has accelerated the evolution of authentication by providing management teams full visibility and control over their team’s digital workspace.

myki means never having to think of another password ever again.

Hurry up and join our waiting list! visit myki.co

myki says goodbye to the password!
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