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Myki Lands on Desktop

Logging into your accounts on desktop using Myki has always been a secure and reliable process, and now we're making it even more convenient.

We teased it in our end-of-year wrap-up, but now it’s time to spill the beans: the Myki desktop app is live, and we’re ready for you all to use it.

Usually, any login request made from your desktop through the Myki browser extension must be verified by the Myki mobile app on your phone.

With the Myki desktop app, which is still in open beta, you’ll be able to verify your login requests, and do almost everything you can do in the Myki mobile app, all from the convenience of your desktop.


Verify logins, switch and create profiles, add and manage items such as passwords, payment cards, secure notes, and 2FAs, and even access the Enterprise Portal if you use Myki for Teams or Myki for MSPs.

Some features like ID cards, Identities, and Pro Features are not yet available, but will all be making their way to the desktop app in due time.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to download the desktop app and share their thoughts and feedback in this thread on our subreddit. We'd love to hear what you think!

Myki Lands on Desktop
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