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Myki Spreads the Word at InfoSecurity Europe 2019

This past week, the Myki team returned to London to take part in the latest edition of InfoSecurity Europe, Europe’s premier information security event.

Taking place in Olympia London between June 4 and 6, the event brought together nearly 400 cybersecurity and information security exhibitors from around the world; among which was Myki.


We got the chance to interact directly with the UK’s IT and business professionals, discussing the importance of privacy, security, and using a password manager that keeps your data with you, instead of storing it on the cloud.

Everyone we spoke to shared our enthusiasm for privacy and was eager to check out the Myki mobile app and Myki Portal, and of course, grab a pair of our awesome Myki socks!


It was a pleasure being back in the UK once again to continue spreading the word on Myki and the growing need for better digital security among MSPs and businesses.

Stay tuned to see where the Myki owl lands next!

Myki Spreads the Word at InfoSecurity Europe 2019
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