GUARD: The Browser Security Solution

We founded MYKI five years ago because we believed that there was a better way to tackle identity and access management. So we started with password & 2FA management.

At the time, cloud-based password managers were leading the way in redefining our experience with passwords, while on-premise solutions were lagging behind due to how inconvenient they were by comparison, despite being much more secure. Regardless, this made it easy for users who weren’t necessarily the most cybersecurity-conscious to overlook the faults of cloud-based solutions, specifically how insecure they actually are.

When we launched MYKI, our goal was to introduce a cybersecurity solution that could marry the security of on-premise solutions with the convenience of cloud-based ones.

Considering that security and convenience are both equally important for the success of a Managed Service Provider, our positioning and value proposition made for a good fit in that particular space. MSPs have a duty to protect their clients (and themselves), but they also need to figure out how best to do that without getting in the way of productivity.

It became clear to us that we needed to shift our company strategy to become MSP-first. Accordingly, we set about introducing all-new MSP-specific features and functionalities to our password & 2FA management solution and brought on a team of experts in the space who could help us realize our vision within the channel.

Over the past two years, we’ve had thousands of discussions with our partners, established distribution deals in different regions, revamped the product roadmap to better cater to the needs of our partners, and launched our Partner Knowledge Hub, essentially building our end-to-end go-to-market strategy around MSPs and their clients.

While scaling our password & 2FA management offering, we were always on the lookout for our partners’ needs, pain points, and from our perspective, our next opportunity.

One area of concern that kept popping up over and over again was browsers, specifically the negligent behavior of users within browsers.

The browser is home to many of the most common and sophisticated online threats. Malicious ads, phony login forms, bogus domains, disguised malware waiting to be downloaded, the list goes on.

The pandemic only added fuel to the fire, with the shift to remote work and mass adoption of remote collaboration tools essentially forcing users to live and work in their browsers. In 2020, the number of cyberattacks increased by 300% with 88% of those breaches happening in web browsers.

While existing solutions like email analysis solutions, DNS protection solutions, proxy-based protection solutions, and others addressed some of the threats listed above, they did so in a fragmented manner and at the periphery of the browser.

It became apparent that this battle would have to be fought inside the browsers.


GUARD is an MSP-tailored enterprise browser security solution embedded in the browser as an extension. It uses a combination of machine learning and best practices to strengthen the browser against internal and external threats.

At its core, what GUARD does is conduct real-time multi-channel analysis on the contents of web pages and the activity of users in order to detect and block actions that could lead to a data breach.

Collected inputs are fed into different types of models — some based on heuristics and others that use machine learning — which analyze the streams and keep a continuous trust score for every web page visited by the user. The analysis that GUARD conducts occurs locally, at the edge, in order to preserve user privacy and keep latency in the millisecond range.

How can MSPs use it?

GUARD is multi-tenant and can be fully deployed to clients and managed by IT managers.

Through the management console, IT managers can apply policies to clients at scale with the click-of-a-button.

They can also monitor the results in real-time through customizable modular reporting dashboards.

As for MSP clients, GUARD will improve their browsing experience through three key verticals:

  1. Cleaning up the way they see the web by removing malware, malicious pop-ups, and trackers that degrade privacy and browsing experience.
  2. Protecting against online threats by blocking phishing attacks, malicious sites, and scams that lead to data breaches and identity theft.
  3. Safeguarding private information by alerting users whenever their personal data leaks publicly and providing embedded best-practice security awareness training.

To learn more about GUARD, download the product brief or watch the product launch webinar.

How can you get started?

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be gradually onboarding MSPs to GUARD. If you’d like to gain early access to the product, sign up here and one of our channel partners will be in touch soon.

We will be rolling out the solution in batches in order to ensure that all of our partners receive a tailored onboarding experience, as well as to create a clear deployment and training plan for their teams and customers, beyond the initial setup.

What’s next for MYKI?

The introduction of GUARD to our product line propels us one step closer towards what we ultimately aim to achieve at MYKI, and that is equipping MSPs with a robust arsenal of solutions to efficiently fight any and all cyber threats while they continue to grow their businesses.

That being said, developing and launching MSP tools is only half of the MYKI ambition. We also aim to continue developing our sales and marketing engine for MSPs to tap into in order to raise awareness on cybersecurity, as well as to help accelerate seamless product adoption both internally and among their clients.

In parallel, we also expect to introduce multiple types of partnerships with MSP vendors in the coming year, with the goal of providing our partners with an integrated and unified experience when it comes to introducing and scaling MYKI solutions into their ecosystem.

We are excited for what’s next and are confident that our laser-focus and dedication to Managed Service Providers will further reinforce the existing relationships we’ve built with partners and vendors as well as propel us further towards our next chapter.

GUARD: The Browser Security Solution
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