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Myki for MSPs Now Features ConnectWise Manage Integration

With the introduction of a new ConnectWise Manage integration, using Myki for MSPs just keeps getting easier and more efficient.

If your MSP relies on widely-used business management software ConnectWise Manage to provide service to clients, you’ll now be able to seamlessly import all your companies and contacts into Myki for MSPs as companies and users, with a single click.

Setting up the ConnectWise Manage integration

Step 1: Access the Myki Portal

If you already have a Myki account, click here to sign into the Myki Portal. If you don't already have a Myki account, click here to create one.

Step 2: Generate a ConnectWise Manage private/public key pair

In order to connect Myki to ConnectWise Manage, you will need your Company ID, the Base URL that you use to access your ConnectWise Manage dashboard, and your Public Key and Private Key.

To generate the API keys, navigate to My Account in your ConnectWise Manage portal.


Click on the API Keys tab.


Click the + icon, enter Pronto Forms Integration as the Description, and then save. The page should refresh and show you a Public and Private key:


Make sure to copy and save these keys, as they'll only be available when you create them.

Step 3: Configure the integration in the Myki Portal

After generating a Private/Public key pair, proceed by filling the authentication information in the Integrations section of the Myki Portal.

You will also need your Company ID, as well as the Base URL that you use in order to authenticate to ConnectWise Manage.

After filling the authentication information click on "Connect". This will attempt to establish a connection between Myki and ConnectWise Manage.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to import your companies and contacts from ConnectWise Manage into Myki for MSPs, check out this article on the Myki support page.

To learn more about Myki for MSPs’ other features, visit the MSP section of the Myki website.

Myki for MSPs Now Features ConnectWise Manage Integration
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