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Myki for MSPs Now Features Auvik Integration

Myki for MSPs makes keeping track of all the companies your MSP manages easier and more efficient with its new Auvik integration.

You’ll now be able to import your tenants and notes from widely-used network management solution Auvik as companies and notes into Myki for MSPs, all with a single click.

Setting up the Auvik integration

Step 1: Access the Myki Portal

If you already have a Myki account, sign in to the Myki Portal. If you don't already have a Myki account, click here to create one.

Step 2: Generate an Auvik API Key

To use the Auvik integration, you'll need a base URL, a valid Auvik user and the user's API key. The user must also have the correct role permissions for the API they’d like to run; in this case the required role permissions are "Tenants" and "Entity Notes".

To generate an API key, navigate to the side navigation bar in your Auvik Portal, and click on your username in the bottom left


Click the "Generate" button.


And finally, copy the generated API key by clicking "Copy".

Step 3: Configure the integration in the Myki Portal

After generating the API key, you will need to fill out the authentication information in the Integrations section of the Myki Portal:

  • Base URL: https://us1.my.auvik.com/v1 - you will be required to know your domain, which can be found next to the API Key location.
  • Username: That of the user with the correct role permissions.
  • API Key: The one that was just generated.

Once completed, click on "Connect". This will attempt to establish a connection between Myki and Auvik.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to import your tenants and notes from Auvik into Myki for MSPs, check out this article on the Myki support page.

To learn more about Myki for MSPs’ other features, visit the MSP section of the Myki website.

Myki for MSPs Now Features Auvik Integration
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