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Myki Connects with MSPs in the UK

2 weeks ago, the Myki team packed their bags, spread their wings, and flew across the pond to the UK, where we took part in a series of tech and IT-focused events, and reached a new audience of MSPs and enterprises.

Our first destination was Kensington, London, where we attended Channel-Sec on March 14th. In addition to exhibiting there, we were also Silver sponsors, alongside industry leaders like Datto, ConnectWise, and Webroot.


Following that, we made our way over to Northampton on March 21st, to exhibit at the 10th annual Network Group Awards, which we were Bronze sponsors of.


Our key objective for both of these events was to promote our MSP solution, Myki for MSPs. MSPs have a duty to protect the data of the companies they manage and ensure their digital security.

We made it a point to discuss the benefits of good password management and the importance of getting clients and customers on a platform that will give them better "online hygiene”.

All in all, this was quite the eventful trip for us. We were very excited to be among the international MSP vendor community, building new connections for potential partnerships, exploring the possibilities of a new market, and continuing to establish Myki as a name to watch, on a global scale.

Myki Connects with MSPs in the UK
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