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Multiple Device Support is Here

You asked, we delivered: Myki now supports multiple devices.

Over the past year, we received over 10,000 feature requests. The most popular feature request by far was the ability to install Myki on more than one smartphone or tablet.

Myki is decentralized by design, meaning that passwords and other sensitive data are not stored on a centralized server in the cloud, but offline, across a user's devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Initially, users could only sync their data between one "master" smartphone and browser extensions that could be added and paired in a seamless and secure manner.

But for users who need to have Myki installed on more than one mobile device, such as business people who might carry both a personal phone and a company phone, this aspect of Myki proved to be a minor hindrance.

In order to add support for multiple smartphones and tablets, we needed to maintain the ability to sync data between those devices in a secure and seamless manner.

Additionally, we had to accommodate for the fact that Myki's architecture only recognized 2 types of devices, "master" smartphones and browser extensions.

From a technical perspective, we had to replace the "master" smartphone category with a more general description that allows for adding more than one smartphone or tablet to the Myki account setup of a user.

From a user experience perspective, whenever you install the Myki app on a new device, Myki now gives you the option to add that device to your existing Myki setup.


If this option is selected, the user is walked through the steps of enrolling the device, which includes scanning a QR code and giving the new device a nickname.

Enrolling a device creates a secure point-to-point link between that device and other Myki devices that are part of your setup, which translates into automatic data syncing whenever any change is made to your vault on any of those devices.


At any point in time, a user can choose to remove a device from their Myki setup by going into the Devices section of the Myki app and deleting the device from the list. This erases the contents of the Myki app on the device in question and resets it to the signup page.

In addition to this amazing new feature, we've also just released our iPad app, which will be made public in the coming days. More on that soon!

In the meantime, download the Myki app for iOS and Android if you still haven't!

Multiple Device Support is Here
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