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Manage Custom Fields from the Myki Browser Extension

Being able to store email addresses, usernames, and passwords associated with your online accounts is good. But being able to store all that and more-detailed additional information about them is a whole lot better!

Not too long ago, we introduced "Custom Fields", a Pro Feature that allows you to add a text field, number field, and even a date field to any account you'd like to include additional information about.

This feature was initially only available on the iOS and Android apps, but now, we're introducing it to your browser!

Using the Myki browser extension, you’ll now be able to view custom fields, edit them, add new ones, or even remove them, provided you already have the feature enabled of course.

Can't bother remembering the PIN codes for your cards? Add a number field, call it "PIN". Worried you'll forget the answers you provided for secret questions? Add a text field, call it "Secret Question Answer". The possibilities are endless and yours to explore!

Make sure you check out the rest of our Pro Feature and stay tuned for more updates!

Manage Custom Fields from the Myki Browser Extension
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