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macOS High Sierra Vulnerability

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macOS High Sierra Bug Lets Anyone Gain Root Access Without a Password

If you own a Mac and have the latest version of macOS High Sierra, you need to be extra careful!

A serious, yet stupid vulnerability has been discovered, which allows anyone to quickly gain administrative control on your Mac without any password or security check, leaving your data at risk.

The vulnerability only requires anyone with physical access to the computer to type "root" into the username field, leave the password blank, and hit the Enter a few times—and Voila!

Luckily apple has already released a security patch for this, so make sure to update your computers.

Facebook’s new 'CAPTCHA' mechanism

Facebook is asking users to upload a photo of their face in a new mechanism used to verify identity when they spot suspicious activity.

Facebook told Wired that face recognition is automated, and that the photo is deleted from its servers as soon as verification is complete. Apparently the user is locked out of their account until they upload the photo.

To guard against someone using an existing photo of a Facebook user to fool the system,
Facebook checks that the photo is unique by comparing its digital signature to that of photos already uploaded.

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macOS High Sierra Vulnerability
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