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Looking Back at Myki's 2019

Between regularly updating our products and spreading the word about the importance of strong passwords and privacy at events around the world, it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished a lot in 2019.

We had plenty of great experiences to look back on this year. Here are just 10 of our top highlights of 2019:

1. Redesigning the Myki iOS app

We kicked off 2019 by rolling out a new look for our iOS mobile app and introducing some convenient new features like global item adding and global search. Read more

2. Receiving PCMag's Editors’ Choice Award

In February, we were delighted to receive one of the highest honors in the tech industry: PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award. Read more

3. Getting Cyber Essentials certified

In April, Myki received the UK government-supported Cyber Essentials certification, joining a growing list of more than 6,500 international companies. Read more

4. Releasing the Myki desktop app

After launching the open beta in February, we finally released our long-awaited desktop app in May, making it even easier to log into your online accounts from your computer. Read more

5. Creating video tutorials for Myki for MSPs

To help our MSP users get the most out of Myki for MSPs, we put together a series of comprehensive video tutorials that cover Myki for MSPs' key features and actions. Read more

6. Launching our Digital Identity Monitoring track with Breach Monitor

With the launch of our Breach Monitor feature for Myki's MSP and Enterprise Portal, we introduced our brand new Digital Identity Monitoring track. Read more

7. Introducing Windows Hello and Touch ID authentication to the Myki desktop app

Logging into Myki on desktop could only be done via PIN code, until we introduced support for Windows Hello and Touch ID, bringing you one step closer to a passwordless future. Read more

8. Adding integrations for popular MSP services

Myki for MSPs got a major upgrade with the introduction of integrations for some of the most widely-used MSP and IT services in the business. This included integrations for Pulseway PSA, Autotask PSA, Auvik, Kaseya VSA, ConnectWise Manage, and IT Glue, making it a whole lot easier for MSPs to instantly import all their managed companies, users, and passwords from these services into Myki for MSPs.

9. Exhibiting at events across the globe

In 2019, we left our mark all over the world, making our way across the US, and even flying out to the UK and France to exhibit at Channel-Sec, InfoSecurity Europe, DattoCon 2019 San Diego, GlueX, CompTIA EMEA's Member & Partner Conference, Marketopia’s 4U2GROW, DattoCon 2019 Paris, where we had a chance to meet IT business growth expert Richard Tubb, and IT Nation Connect, where we executed one of our favorite marketing campaigns ever!

10. Uncovering two phishing campaigns

Last but not least, 2019 was also the year that Myki co-founder Antoine Vincent Jebara uncovered not one, but two phishing campaigns: a Facebook login phishing campaign and a similar phishing campaign targeting iOS users. These discoveries made headlines as they were reported on by major tech and cybersecurity publications such as The Hacker News, Threatpost, Forbes, and many others.

2019 was a great year for us, and you can be sure we'll be topping it in 2020.

Looking Back at Myki's 2019
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