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Logging in is Easier with the Myki Desktop App

When we first revealed the Myki desktop app back in February, it was still in open beta.

Now, after a lot of bug fixes and fine tuning, we’re finally able to announce its official release! If you do most of your work on a computer, the Myki desktop app will provide an essential convenience.

As we've previously mentioned, the Myki desktop app allows you to perform various actions from your computer, which you could previously only perform from the Myki mobile app.

This includes adding, deleting, and managing private data such as passwords, payment cards, secure notes, and 2FAs. You can even use it to access the Enterprise Portal if you use Myki for Teams or Myki for MSPs.


But perhaps the greatest benefit of the desktop app is making logging into your accounts quicker and easier.

Previously, if you wanted to log into a website from your computer using Myki, you'd first need to grab your phone and confirm the login request from the Myki mobile app, before being granted access.

With the Myki desktop app, any login request you make from your computer will be automatically accepted, as long as the app is running and your vault is unlocked.

This won't be the case for accounts with 2FA however. When logging into a 2FA-protected account (with Myki set as its authenticator), you will be prompted, via desktop notification, to unlock your vault and confirm the login request. The purpose of this is to preserve the second factor of authentication.

And in case you prefer this extra layer of security across the board, this authentication process can optionally be enabled for all logins, regardless of whether the account you're logging into has 2FA or not.


There’s a lot more on the way too, including ID cards, identities, Pro Features, and the Security Dashboard, which helps you identify which of your stored passwords have weak or reused passwords, and gives you an overall security score.

In the meantime, make sure you download the desktop app and let us know what you think!

Logging in is Easier with the Myki Desktop App
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