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Listen Carefully: 7 Cybersecurity Podcasts We Love

Whether you’re out on a run or just doing the dishes, podcasts are a great way to make use of those idle moments and learn something new and interesting. And what better subject to dive into than cybersecurity?

Here are 7 podcasts to keep you informed and educated on all things cybersecurity, data privacy, and more.

Stay Updated

From massive breaches to newly discovered vulnerabilities, it's important to keep up with the latest news and developments making headlines.

The CyberWire

There isn’t a day that goes by without something going down in the world of cybersecurity, and the CyberWire watches it like a hawk! Expect a new episode in your feed every weekday.

Risky Business

In addition to covering the most recent revelations and breakthroughs in the field, Risky Business also presents special feature episodes dedicated to noteworthy topics and cyberthreats, including interviews with the experts on the frontlines.

Smashing Security

Hands down, the most fun and lighthearted cybersecurity news podcast. Smashing Security comments on the relevant issues you’d typically expect to hear about, with some cheeky banter thrown into the mix as a delightful bonus.

Hacking Humans

Because cybercrime doesn’t always stay online. Hacking Humans (another podcast from the CyberWire) examines the latest in social engineering tricks and tactics you need to be watching out for.

Know Your Enemy

While it’s good to be aware of all the major threats and cyberattacks of the moment, it doesn’t hurt to also familiarize yourself with the people behind them: hackers.

Darknet Diaries

“True stories from the dark side of the internet”. That recurring phrase delivered at the top of each episode of Darknet Diaries pretty much sums it all up. From the first attempt at an online bank robbery, to a penetration test gone horribly wrong, each episode presents fascinating true stories of hackers, cybercriminals, and the people who fight against them.


In its first season, Breach explored the inner workings of the infamous Yahoo! data breach, tracing a path all the way to the equally infamous 2016 Democratic National Committee hack, and Russia’s alleged involvement in both. Along the way, they touch on all kinds of interesting points about how and why hackers do what they do.


Last but certainly not least, Hacked. Consider its 7 bite-sized episodes an intro to the basics of hacking: ransomware, email spoofing, and of course, a topic we care deeply about here at Myki, passwords.

Listen Carefully: 7 Cybersecurity Podcasts We Love
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