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Let Myki Autofill Your Online Forms

Password managers excel at autofilling fields in your browser. So why not use this ability to autofill other things?

Whether you're doing some online shopping or booking a flight, we all have to fill out long forms online, providing our names, emails, addresses, credit card details, and other information over and over again. Unsurprisingly, this can get tedious and repetitive.

We already have an Identities section in both our iOS and Android apps, where you can store as many as you need to. The only thing that was missing was the ability to autofill these details in the browser. Until now.


We’ve added the Identities section to our browser extensions, where you can now add, edit, and manage all your identities.

You’ll now notice our good old owl appear in online forms to ask if you'd like Myki to fill it in for you.

There are a lot of improvements we want to make to this feature when it comes to its behavior, but we decided to release it as part of our “Experimental” section to first get the feedback of those who need this feature.

This feature is turned off by default, so if you’re interested in trying it out just head on over to the settings page of the extension and switch it on!

Let Myki Autofill Your Online Forms
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