June 2021 Webinar Series | Introduction to MSP Password & 2FA Management

With the rise of data breaches and the spotlight on cybersecurity at governmental levels, businesses globally are scrambling to take action to protect themselves against cyber threats.

For MSPs specifically, we’ve seen their portfolios grow to include a strong security stack assembled to protect their own internal organizations as well as those of their customers.

Although MSPs have become more aware of the need for MSP password & 2FA management solutions over the past few years, we were still frequently engaging with MSPs who’ve either never considered implementing one, were still relying on internal solutions, or were too busy to make it a priority.

After investigating why some MSPs were lagging behind, we realized that it had a lot to do with the fact that MSP password & 2FA management was still not fully grasped.

Frequently asked questions included:

  • How are these solutions specific to MSPs? How are they different from enterprise solutions?
  • How do I manage my customers’ credentials via a password & 2FA manager?
  • How long would it take me to migrate all of my accounts and my clients’ accounts into one of these solutions?
  • How do I even promote password & 2FA management to my less tech savvy clients?

These questions were then followed by questions about MYKI specifically: How is MYKI different? How much would it cost me to implement MYKI? And so on.

This is what drove us to put together the June Webinar Series, a short training series on password & 2FA management for MSPs that also covers MYKI.

We conducted three 20-minute interactive sessions throughout the month of June to discuss the ins and outs of password & 2FA management, which you can watch by following the links below:

Session 1: What is MSP Password & 2FA Management?

Session 2: The Steps to Get Started with MSP Password & 2FA Management

Session 3: Reselling MSP Password & 2FA Management

Be sure to check out each of the sessions above to learn more about password & 2FA management for MSPs and MYKI, and keep an eye out for future webinars coming soon.

June 2021 Webinar Series | Introduction to MSP Password & 2FA Management
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