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Introducing Windows Hello and Touch ID Authentication

Myki supports biometric authentication on both iOS and Android, but up until today, our users have had to use a PIN code to unlock their Windows and Mac apps.

Today, we're announcing support for Windows Hello and Touch ID, which means that starting today, our Enterprise, MSP, and Consumer users will be able to unlock their Myki Vault in a completely passwordless way.

On Windows, you'll now be able to use your face, fingerprint, palm, or any other Windows Hello supported authentication method to unlock your Myki vault.

On Mac, the built-in fingerprint scanner can now be used to unlock your Myki Vault with Touch ID.

These two additions mark the latest steps toward the passwordless path we're heading towards, with the next being the addition of WebAuthN support in the coming months.

From a user experience perspective, the ability to unlock your Myki Vault with biometrics further reduces the risk of users forgetting the PIN codes they use to access their vaults, which should remove the last layer of friction for end users.


Myki doesn't require a master password to authenticate, and starting today, it doesn't require a PIN code either. Enterprises will now be able to benefit from passwordless authentication across the board with locally stored vaults. This combination of features removes all friction for end users when accessing the Myki Vault.

We're beginning to roll out our Windows Hello and Touch ID updates starting today, and they should reach all our users in the next 5-7 days.

If you're not currently using Myki, follow the links below to get started:

Next week, we'll be announcing a big feature for MSPs (hint: ScreenConnect/ Datto/ RDP/ TeamViewer/ Splashtop). Stay tuned.

Introducing Windows Hello and Touch ID Authentication
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