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Introducing the Emoji Password Generator

Perhaps one of Myki’s most useful and essential features is the Password Generator, which allows you to quickly and easily generate unique and complex passwords, with up to 99 characters.

Here at Myki though, we’re always working hard on improving our products and helping our users better protect their personal data, and we saw an opportunity to make the Password Generator even more powerful.

Say hello to the Emoji Password Generator.


With the introduction of emojis to our Password Generator, you’ll soon have the added option of generating unique and complex passwords, comprised entirely of a string of up to 99 random emojis.

While a jumble of characters like Xno7i2fiR2Ij3up7NM_M is by no means a weak or insecure password, those looking to go the extra mile and really lock down their accounts may want to use a password like ⚡️🦄🧀🏀🤪🎺🎪💾🚽📎💕💯✅ 🇯🇵 🕔➡️👶🚴👌👽.

It’s all about randomization and complexity. Think about it, between the letters of the alphabet, with both their uppercase and lowercase variants, numbers, and other characters, such as @ and #, traditional keyboards have a sadly limited set of options to work with.

Emojis on the other hand are always being updated. There are currently 2,823 unique emojis in the Unicode Standard, and tens of new ones are being added every year; the potential variations are literally endless.

There are already like 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 5 monkeys... In your face, hackers.

Keep an eye out for this new feature in our next update.

Update: April Fools’! No, you won’t be able to generate an all-emoji password using Myki. But whether your passwords include emojis or not, the only thing that really matters is that they are unique and complex, and that’s something our Password Generator can already guarantee!

Introducing the Emoji Password Generator
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